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Istehkam-e-Pak Order to Strengthen The Nation's Economy

 Istehkam-e-pk  order to strengthen the nation's economy, Pakistan Party Chairman Jahangir Tareen has announced collaborating with President Shehbaz Sharif and the Pakistan Muslim League's Nawaz Quaid Nawaz Sharif.

Istehkam-e-Pak  Order to Strengthen The Nation's Economy

The politician-turned-businessman charged that the previous administration had neglected NA-149 Multan, turning it into a hotspot of issues. He promised to address all issues, including slums, roads, and sewage.

"There will be more employment opportunities if the economy is managed well," Tareen declared on Friday, talking to the Union Council VIII employees.


Income will rise if the "economy shines," according to the IPP chairman.

Declaring economic growth in the nation "the most important," Tareen promised to create jobs and to carry out actions that would satisfy the general public.

The IPP chairman claimed that the manifesto would address every issue. "I will address all of the constituency's issues, no matter how minor. I'll live up to everyone's expectations.

"Multan's problems are many, but they're all mine now," he remarked. Since this nation has given us everything, it is our duty to make it more beautiful.

On February 8, the day of the election, he hoped that they would receive good news.

Former Union Council chairman Rana Mairaj Khalid declared his intention to join the IPP after expressing confidence in Tareen's leadership.

Tareen had a warm welcome and was showered with flowers when he arrived at several locations.

Tareen had earlier met at the office of prominent businessman Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali Anjum to discuss a number of topics.

The chairman of the IPP went to Hazrat Shah Shams' shrine and said prayers.

It was prayed by Sajjada Nasheen Makhdoom Syed Naveed Shamsi.

Meeting Pir Syed Asad Abbas, Tareen expressed his sorrow at his son's passing.

Pir Asad and his brother Naveed Shah announced their unwavering support for Tareen at the event.

Tareen met district PML-N President Bilal Butt at his home in the meantime.

There were also former union council chairs in attendance.

Rafiq Sandila, the former chairman of the PTI, joined the PML-N and declared his complete support for the joint candidate of the IPP and PML-N.

The key to the party's vision, according to the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) manifesto, is the empowerment of the people. According to the party's manifesto, Imran Khan, the founder of the PTI, first advocated for the idea of a "Naya Pakistan," which the leadership is committed to establishing.

By promoting youth empowerment and raising the middle class and lower classes, the party seeks to reduce poverty in Pakistan. The IPP also ranks healthcare and women's empowerment as high priorities.

The manifesto also highlights how important it is to protect minority rights, promote regional travel and sports, and safeguard the property and rights of Pakistanis residing outside.

Few of the more than 150 registered parties contesting the elections have released manifestos.

Only a small number of the over 150 registered political parties running in the election have published comprehensive manifestos.

It is unclear how much weight Pakistani political parties give to their manifestos given their lack of enthusiasm in making them public.

It suggests that some political figures see manifestos as merely ceremonial documents rather than as potent instruments capable of winning elections and influencing voters in their favor.

But it's important to understand the importance of a well-written manifesto. A party's vision, programs, and suggested course of action should it win elections are all outlined in detail in its manifesto.

Voters can use it to understand a party's position on important topics and to hold them responsible for keeping their commitments.


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