PTI chief called unfortunate by Aleem Khan

 Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) President Abdul Aleem Khan on Saturday bashed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief, deeming the latter “unfortunate” for not taking advantage of the capabilities of patron-in-chief Jahangir Khan Tareen.

Addressing the first public gathering of the IPP in Jahanian, Aleem Khan said, ‘’I ask the questions from the PTI leadership about for whom you people have sacrificed Jahangir Tareen and me.’’

PTI chief called  unfortunate by Aleem Khan

“Where have Usman Buzdar and Mahmood Khan been today?” he asked, taking aim at the former chief ministers of Punjab and KP, respectively. The PTI chief’s front man, Buzdar, utilized the funds to advance after obtaining them.

“Jahangir Khan Tareen had chosen to engage in politics for the sake of the people,” Aleem Khan insisted. But everything that had occurred within the PTI went against the promises we had made when we joined the party.

“The people have responded to those who used to say on television that the Istehkam e pak would have the support of the people by going to the power show in Jahanian,” stated the president of the Istehkam e pak.

“I want to thank you for putting together such an excellent workers’ convention in the tiny town. “The Istehkam e pak is owned by the people, as demonstrated by their support,” he continued.

The IPP president promised a populist manifesto that was friendly to the poor. We intend to build hospitals in South Punjab’s underdeveloped areas that are modeled after Islamabad. Our manifesto centers on the emancipation of women.

Up to 300 units of free electricity will be supplied if the Istehkam e pak wins the election. Gas will be provided to those who are riding their bikes for half the original cost, he continued.

The minimum salary

Aleem Khan clarified that a fixed salary of Rs 50,000 will be paid to laborers.

 Free electricity for farmers –

The IPP president vowed to provide free electricity to the farmers for up to 12.5 acres.

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