New Zealand “Chapman’s progress, which was not expected” 2024 T20

New Zealand "Chapman's progress, which was not expected" 2024 T20
New Zealand "Chapman's progress, which was not expected" 2024 T20

New Zealand “Chapman’s progress, which was not expected” It is a tradition of modern T20 cricket that the entire match is decided in the dressing room before the game, but for success it is also important to have flexibility in these ambitions.

New Zealand "Chapman's progress, which was not expected" 2024 T20
New Zealand “Chapman’s progress, which was not expected” 2024 T20

Pakistani bowlers lacked this flexibility.

Both common sense and data from modern T20 cricket suggest that keeping the line of the ball as far away from the bat as possible can be the key to survival when the wicket is so conducive to batting.

Although the Kiwi bowlers started with their set plan, when the ball started to circle the boundary from the beginning of the power play, they immediately flexed their set intentions and revised and devised a new dimension of aggression.

The pitch in Rawalpindi has been the fastest among all the venues in Pakistan and hence has been supporting the biggest collections in T20 cricket. There is only one way for the bowlers to save the match and respect and that is to bowl on the outermost line of the off-stump.

Although this home series belongs to Pakistan and the conditions are also Pakistan’s will, but the surprising thing is how the visiting team found the rules of this venue immediately which the host could not find until losing the match.

With the speed with which Pakistan started the power play and the favorable pitch, a total of around 200 looked certain but Bracewell’s bowlers put the ball out of reach of the bat and put the Pakistan batsmen to the test.

Not only was the pitch very favorable for batting, but the Kiwi bowlers were also inexperienced and Pakistan got off to a healthy start, so what could have caused Pakistan to fall behind by a huge figure?

But then the discipline of the Kiwi bowling was so brilliant that the Pakistani middle order kept chasing the ball. In the death overs, the 19th over proved to be a crisis.

If this emergency innings of Shadab Khan was not done, it would have been difficult for the Pakistani batting team to reach 160. But the Kiwi bowling plan was so effective that the team eyeing 200 fell short of the competitive figure of 180.

The irony is that it was Pakistan who had to do the bowling.

New Zealand "Chapman's progress, which was not expected" 2024 T20
New Zealand “Chapman’s progress, which was not expected” 2024 T20

By the time the Pakistani spinners came into the story, the Kiwi batting had tightened its grip and Chapman’s feet were in motion. Due to the dew, the ball was losing grip and the match was slipping out of Pakistan’s hands.

The magic that Ash Sudhy created in the middle overs, the Pakistani spinners were unable to do it and the chances created by Abrar Ahmed also went unfruitful as Mark Chapman’s progress by then got on the nerves of the Pakistani fielders.

Chapman was motivated by the belief that pushed Pakistan to the back foot. His aggressiveness was highly unexpected for Pakistan, who witnessed consecutive worst overs from Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah.

The Kiwis’ performance 24 hours earlier had predicted a one-sided, lackluster series, but here, just 24 hours later, the favorites were on their knees and Chapman’s breakthrough surprised everyone.

Although there is no logical explanation for this, it is a fact that Kiwi cricket has a habit of teasing Pakistan. Sometimes there is a joke of refusing to play a match at the very last moment, sometimes a joke is made of sending a B team to make Pakistan ‘prepare’ for the World Cup.

Last year too, a lackluster Kiwi squad came to Pakistan and reached the number one ranking by making Pakistan face huge victories one after another. That ranking had made Pakistan optimistic that their prospects for the World Cup were bright.

After that, what happened to Pakistan in the World Cup, there is no need to repeat the sad story.

Although on the previous tour, the Kiwis managed to level the T20 series despite all their inferiority, but this time the squad that has arrived in Pakistan to represent New Zealand cricket, is far less in terms of strength and experience than the previous squad. Led by Michael Bracewell, this team will look to make up for their lack of experience with enthusiasm.

Sending half-full squads on tours to Pakistan has been a long-standing trait of Kiwi cricket, dating back long before the security issues came into being. This reason is so old that once even Imran Khan refused to play against Kiwi team lacking stars.

Like last year, the lackluster of the Kiwis’ recent tour is also due to the IPL. Stars like Kane Williamson, Tim Southee, Trent Boult and Richan Ravindra still loom large on the IPL horizon, while across Wagah, a fledgling Kiwi team will try to warm the hearts of Pakistani fans.

By the way, it is also the kindness of the IPL organizers that they now tolerate the participation of international cricket in their window, otherwise in the early years, they used to release an undeclared ban on all international cricket during the IPL.

Now Pakistan is preparing for the World Cup under the leadership of its new captain Babar Azam, but the Kiwi squad is lacking the ability to provide Pakistan with the experience of international level competitive cricket.

So, in such a situation, the number of victories and the size of the margin have become meaningless questions because the teams with the ability to face Pakistan in the World Cup, this Kiwi squad, despite all its ability, cannot even compete with it.

But if Babar Azam’s like-minded commentators on media and sloganeering on social media timelines can shake off the complacency of his supporters and adopt a realistic path, this could be a great opportunity to nurture new talent.

With the return of Imad Wasim and Mohammad Amir to the squad, it is not necessary to field them against New Zealand’s B team to prove their ‘talent’. Even among batsmen in particular, instead of increasing the statistics of experienced players, if newly selected faces are given a chance, Pakistan can increase its bench strength by increasing its resource strength.

Azhar Mehmood, interim head coach of Pakistan, says that no team is weak in T20 and this statement may be encouraging for Michael Bracewell, but the fact is that this Kiwi team is half of Pakistan in terms of ability and experience. Not even.

Kiwi cricket has played another joke on Pakistan by sending this half-complete squad, but it is not necessary that Pakistan should come out with its full strength in response and raise the awareness of its greatness by beating this weak opponent.

It will be a joke of Pakistan cricket itself.

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